The University of Udine is a young and dynamic university whose mission is to promote higher education by sharing knowledge and generating new cutting-edge ideas. Founded in 1978, the University has acquired a considerable European and international profile.

Currently (academic year 2023/2024), the University offers 40 Bachelor Degree courses and 38 Master Degree courses and 3 single-cycle Master Degree courses. The post graduate didactic offer includes 27 High specialization Courses (24 High Specialization Courses in the Medical area, one of which is reserved for “students” o “people” with a degree other than medicine, 2 High Specialization Courses in the humanities area, 1 High Specialization Course in the scientific area), 15 ECTS Postgraduate Courses, (1 st semester), 3 training courses and 9 Phd Research Courses. Scientific research is carried out and coordinated by 8 departments and supported by central administrative offices.

UNIUD has an attentive, stimulating and experienced teaching staff who challenge students to achieve their best. There are students’ residences and various services to support students: spacious campuses with gardens and many green areas.

The University is actively engaged in a wide range of research activities, not only locally but also in collaboration with other National and International universities and research institutes and has become a center of excellence in several fields over the years.

The University of Udine is involved in many funded research projects: the design activity is supported by the Research Services Area and by the research support and management offices in the Departments.

While the development of scientific knowledge and education remais its fundamental mission, the University also places particular emphasis on the transfer of technology and innovative knowledge within the local economic environment and society at large.
The patent portfolio includes notable results of research carried out in various sectors, in particular in agriculture and medicine.

The University is also involved in community and environmental engagement activities and collaborates with regional institutions and research centres.

Since 2016, The University has received the Award for Excellence in human Resources from the European Commission.

550 technical/administrative (of which 66 on fixed-term contracts); 31 linguistic experts (of which 5 on a fixed-term basis) ;14 coordinated and continuous collaborations (calendar year 2022)
Other facts and figures: 

Project funding (2020-2023):

  • H2020 and Horizon Europe: 4.7 M €
  • Erasmus+ KA103: 1.165.756,00€
  • Erasmus+ Consortia Traineeship: 2.306.666,00€

N. of EU Projects (2020-2023):


H2020, 3 projects, of which:
MSCA: 1 project
Societal Challenges: 2 projects, of which 1 as Linked Third Party and not as Beneficiary

Horizon Europe, 12 projects, of which:
MSCA: 7 projects
Cluster: 5 projects, of which 2 as Linked Third Party and not as Beneficiary

Other international projects: 13 projects
European territorial cooperation: 4 projects
National and regional projects: 117 projects (113 in the framework of national programs e 4 in the framework of regional programs)

Research outputs 2023:

  • N° of surveyed publications in the catalog of scientific production 2022: 2.383
  • N° of patents: 132, of which active 58
  • Spin-off: 5
  • Start-up: 4

N° of scientific meetings&public events (2022): 580

N. of training initiatives and seminars/conferences for the administrative technical staff of the University of Udine, both in person and online:
N. of classroom-based training initiatives: 36
Webinar/conference call for administrative technical staff: 118
Cycle of webinars for administrative technical staff on inclusion and diversity issues (as part of “Gender Equality Plan”): 4 (1 in person and 3 webinar)
Courses delivered in blended mode (or, better started in presence and ended in synchronous e-learning): 4
Course delivered in asynchronous e-learning mode: 6
Seminars for technical-administrative staff in the field of transversal topics and agile working, as part of the internal communication project: 4


Student Services (2022.2023):

  • Classrooms 221
  • Classroom seat 16.192
  • Study areas 33
  • Laboratories and computer rooms 29
  • Places and laboratories in computer rooms 851
  • Workshops for teaching exercises 20
  • Libraries 7
  • Reading places in libraries 387
  • Bibliographic material in the library 766.611
  • E-books 494.944
  • Active season tickets 1.303
  • Electronic periodicals in the library 60.857
  • Databases and online editorial packages 71

Reference link to the Uniud website:

Research infrastructures/laboratories:

advanced Agricultural Company with the Autonomous Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, it contributes to the management of the University-Hospital of Santa Maria della Misericordia.
Metrofood- RI: this paneuropean IR has been classified “emerging project” in the Roadmap ESFRI 2016 and the consortium is working to obtain the status “active” in the next Roadmap ESFRI
Labs of LabVillage Uniud Lab Village funded by Fondazione Friuli and Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region is an area where are localised technological laboratories and R&D centers of UNIUD and companies to design together research and education at different levels.

Currently are active the following laboratories:

  • LAMA - Laboratorio di meccatronica avanzata (Laboratory of advanced mechatronics, with UNITS e SISSA)
  • LINEA - Laboratorio di Ingegneria energetica e ambientale (Laboratory of energetic and environmental engineering)
  • IOT – Internet of Things
  • LATE - Laboratorio di Ambiente e Territorio (Laboratory of environment and territory)
  • AI2S - Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (con AREA Science Park, Confindustria Udine, Beantech)
  • SMACT3 - Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Internet of Things
  • LATERIS - Laboratorio di Architettura, Tecnica Edilizia, Ricerca, Innovazione, Sostenibilità (Laboratory of architecture, technical building, research, innovation, sustainability)
  • PROMAS - Laboratorio ufficiale di PROve MAteriali e Strutture (Official laboratory of trial on materials and structures)
  • LABAS - Laboratorio di Analisi Sensoriale (Laboratory of sensory analysis)
  • Laboratorio LAB 4.0 – Digimet Laboratory (con Danieli Automation SpA) e Datamind Lab (con Datamind Srl)
  • Laboratorio Olfattometria Dinamica – LOD (Dynamic Olfactometry)

Laboratories will be activated:

  • MEDIALAB - Studio di posa, videopreservazione, restauro digitale, sala di proiezione (Cultural heritage, media education, digital storytelling)
  • LARA - LAboratorio di Ricerca Agroalimentare (Laboratory of agrifood research)
  • Laboratorio di Metallurgia (Metallurgy Laboratory)
Fellowships, PhD Courses, Master, Summer School, etc.: 

Scolarships and/or training grants 

The international mobility of the students of the University of Udine is supported through various types of grants: Erasmus + Study grants, Erasmus + Internship grants, grants for research activities for the thesis abroad, scholarships within the framework of inter – international university students.

PhD courses in 2023/2024:

  • Law and Innovation in the European Legal Space  
  • Accounting and Management
  • Linguistics and Literature  
  • Art History, Film Studies, Media Studies and Music  
  • Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Industrial and Information Engineering
  • Environmental and Energy Engineering Science
  • Molecular medicine
  • Agricultural sciences and biotechnology
  • Food science
  • Clinical and translational medical sciences

Masters and specialization courses activated 2023/2024:

  • Master di I livello in "People management, labor law and HR analytics"
  • Master di I livello in "Business Administration - EMBA" (Udine and Milano)
  • Master di I livello in "Digital Marketing"
  • Master di I livello in "Erasmus Mundus Master of Arts in Euroculture"
  • Master di I livello in " Intelligence and Emerging Technologies"
  • Master di I livello in "Meditation and Neuroscience"
  • Master di I livello in "Digital Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence. Communication, economy and society"
  • Master di I livello in "Partnership Studies and Native Traditions. Literatures, Psychology, Ethno-anthropology and Society"
  • Master di I livello in "Italian as a second language and intercultural studies"
  • Master di I livello in "Coffee Economics and Science - "Ernesto Illy"
  • Master di I livello in "Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management"
  • Master di II livello in " Intelligence and Emerging Technologies"
  • Master di II livello in "Public Administration"
  • Master di II livello in "Health and humanization in the organization and management of the National Health Service"
  • Corso di Perfezionamento in "Project Management e Agile"
  • Corso di Perfezionamento in "Environmental, Social and Governance - ESG TRAINING PROGRAM"
  • Corso di Perfezionamento in "Gambling, Internet, Substances and other Addictions. Studies and treatment"
Branch Offices (Regional, National, International): 

University locations:

  • Gorizia
  • Pordenone
  • Gemona del Friuli
Information for international researchers and students: 

The University of Udine offers:

  • administrative support for registrations;
  • provision of information regarding the Italian university system, the right to study and the University of Udine
  • assistance for visa and residence permit applications
  • informative video tutorials
  • qualitative selction of real estate agencies operating in the area aimed at helping students in researching and providing information on other housing solutions
  • language courses
  • cultural services
  • laboratories, libraries, computer laboratories,
  • services to support student well-being with particular attention to services for students with disabilities;

Furthermore, UniUD is also partner of the Welcome Office Friuli Venezia Giulia, a one-stop shop for assistance and information to international students and researchers on mobility-related issues, hosting the Welcome Office Infopoint of Udine.

International Partnerships: 

The University has co-operation agreements under the framework of mobility and project co-operation in Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus and has more than 400 partner institutions in 60 countries, among which United States of America, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Corea, South America. Every year an average of 500 students from the University study and participate in job-training abroad; over 150 international mobility students study and train at UniUD. The University International Office provides up-to-date services for international students and staff in mobility abroad, in cooperation with regional, national and international organizations and partners.

Contacts and Social Media/Network: 

Chancellor:  Roberto Pinton 

General Manager: Massimo Di Silverio

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