Area Science Park is a National Public Research Centre under the aegis of MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) that has also been managing, since 1978, the first and most important multi-sector Science and Technology Park in Italy. Area Science Park has widened its scope over time, becoming an Innovation Agency.

It promotes the development of innovation processes. For more than 40 years, it has been a key facilitator of the collaboration between research and business, between the public and the private sectors, with initiatives also at an international level.

Specialized skills for business innovation services, creation and development of innovative startups, human resources training in R&D fields, world-class technology facilities and infrastructures for industrial research: these are the strengths that Area Science Park offers to the economic systems, at regional and national level. Its most significant activities include “ARGO” Industrial Innovation System with four main goals: digitisation of productive processes; attraction of new industrial investment; research and training in strategic sectors; creation of innovative enterprises.

Area Science Park manages its own Science and Technology Park, distributed mainly on the 2 campuses located in Trieste (Padriciano and Basovizza), with 80,000 square meters of facilities equipped for R&D activities. Today, 65 players operate in the Park: 57 high-tech companies, of which 9 are startups, and 8 national and international research centres, generating more than 2,700 jobs. The development of the park areas focuses mainly on scientific sectors such as life sciences, new materials, ICT, nanotechnologies and environment.

Area Science Park is engaged in four lines of activity:

  • CAMPUS: development and management of the Science and Technology Park;
  • BUSINESS CREATION: creation and development of innovative startups;
  • INNOVATION: specialized skills for business innovation services;
  • R&D PLATFORMS: cutting-edge equipment and technological facilities for industrial research.

Area Science Park provides operational support for the activities of the SiS FVG.


141 technical-administrative staff, 34 researchers
Other facts and figures: 

Project Funding (2017-2020):  4.447.786,27

N° EU Projects (2017-2020):

  • FP7: 1
  • Horizon 2020: 9
  • Other international projects: 4
  • Territorial cooperation/interreg: 28

Research Outputs (2020): 

N° of startup&spin-off in Basovizza and Padriciano campuses: 9

N° of scientific meetings&public events (2020): 65 Workshops, 24 events


Square meters and Headquarters/branch offices: 80.000 SQM; 2 Campus: Padriciano (Headquarters), Basovizza and a branch in Gorizia.

N° of Laboratories: 3 computer labs

N° of Tenants (31.12.2020): 65 R&D centres and companies

Research infrastrucuture: Genomic and Epigenomic Platform, Computer center

N° of study rooms: 4

N° of canteens / coffe bars / guesthouses: 2 canteens (at Padriciano&Basovizza); 2 coffee bars (at Padriciano&Basovizza); 2 coffe bar; 1 guesthouse

N° of conference hall / conference rooms: 1 Convention Center (500 seats and 14 conference rooms)

Other facilities / services: 1 nursery; 1 gym

Fellowships, PhD Courses, Master, Summer School, etc.: 

Area Science Park also organizes and manages advanced training courses. In particular, it manages, in collaboration with private companies, universities and research centres, three specialist ITS courses covering the development, management and maintenance of biomedical equipment, medical and bioinformatics solutions, image diagnostics and biotechnology.

Moreover, Area Science Park has been awarding, for 20 years, fellowships to the companies present in its regional campuses, with the aim of developing technical, scientific and research activities. In 2020, 13 fellowship were awarded, each lasting 12 months.

Beside this initiative, Area Science Park recently awarded 9 fellowships within the project IP4FVG of  Argo System, with the aim of developing training on the job paths in the regional companies named “Fari Manifatturieri of Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Additionally, it annually promotes the “Bernardo Nobile Prize” for graduates and PhDs, in order to add value to the PhD or Degree thesis which employ the informative content of patents.

Branch Offices (Regional, National, International): 

Basovizza Campus - SS 14, Km 163,5, Basovizza (Trieste);

Gorizia Multipurpose center - Via Cantore 2 (Gorizia).

Information for international researchers and students: 

The Welcome Office Friuli Venezia Giulia, a joint initiative of 21 regional research and academic institutions set up under SIS FVG and managed by Area Science Park, is the regional one-stop-shop to offer targeted services to students and researchers coming from all over the world on administrative issues related to  mobility and relocation:

Furthermore, Area Science Park hosts the EURAXESS Centre of Trieste, which manages the national web portal and provides information and advice to researchers on career development.

International Partnerships: 

Area Science Park has significant experience in providing support services for technology transfer and innovation in EU member states and the IPA region with a proven track record in collaborating in European project development, innovation financing, valorisation of research, start-up development and capacity building strategy development for subjects such as academic institutions, science parks, policy makers and other actors operating in technology transfer and innovation.

Area Science Park has many international collaborations with Slovenia (22), Spain (12), Austria (10) and with other european and international organizations (10).

Contacts and Social Media/Network: 

President: prof.ssa Caterina Petrillo

Director: dott.ssa Anna Sirica

Area Science Park

Padriciano 99 - 34149 Trieste (Italy)

Phone: +39 040 375 5111


Area Science Park, Basovizza Campus

SS 14, km 169.5 - 34149 Trieste (Italy)

Phone: +39 040 375 5326




Welcome Office Friuli Venezia Giulia


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