Creation of a “Scientific network of excellence” in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region among universities, public research bodies and international research bodies to reinforce the capacity for action, attractiveness and competitiveness at a national and international level of the institutions


Support for the development of international agreements, cooperation agreements and projects in the sector of research and innovation, which involve the institutions belonging to the scientific network of excellence, first of all inside the strategy areas of the European Union for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) and of the European Union Strategy for the Adriatic – Ionian Region (EUSAIR);

Promotion of SiS FVG through qualified resources provided by MAECI to carry out promotion and support activities for the internationalisation of the Italian research system. 


With respect to activity strands 1.3 and 1.6, the InCE-CEI Secretariat, in agreement with the interested parties, will carry out activities aimed at the internationalisation of SiS FVG, such as: 

  • promotion of SiS FVG within the area of the European Union strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR)
  • promotion of SiS FVG in the framework of the “Steering Platform on Research and Innovation for the Western Balkan Countries" 
  • promotion of SiS FVG events and activities in the InCE-CEI area
  • diplomatic accompaniment to SiS FVG members in InCE-CEI member countries
  • involvement of SiS FVG in activities and events promoted by the Secretariat, the member states and the InCE-CEI Presidency

Furthermore, still within Objective 1, the InCE-CEI Secretariat intends to propose a new action dedicated to the subject of scientific diplomacy, with the aim of defining training, analysis and study programmes in coordination with MAECI, MIUR and the Regional Authority. 


InCE-CEI Secretariat and interested SiS FVG members

Starting date: 

1st January 2020

Expected duration: 

12 months


€25,000.00 (InCE-CEI financing)

Expected result: 
  • ER1) Support to the internationalisation of SiS FVG by InCE-CEI in multi-stakeholder forums
  • ER2) Involvement of SiS FVG in international activities promoted/shared by InCE-CEI
  • ER3) Involvement of InCE-CEI member countries in activities promoted by SiS FVG
  • ER4) Drafting of a "concept" for a training course devoted to scientific diplomacy 
Result indicators: 

• Numero di partecipanti del SiS FVG in eventi internazionali promossi da InCE e di partecipanti da Paesi Membri InCE in attività promosse dai membri del SiS FVG (rif. RA1)
• “Concept”, “report” e linee guida elaborati (rif. RA2, RA3, RA4, RA5)

Indicators of realization: 
  • Number of events in which the internationalisation of SiS FVG was promoted (ref. ER1) 
  • Number of SiS FVG participants in international events promoted by InCE-CEI (ref. ER2)
  • Number of participants from InCE-CEI member countries in activities promoted by SiS FVG (ref. ER3)
  • "Concept" drafted (ref. ER4)