Rationalisation of the regional structures that operate in the promotion of research, technology transfer and the development of innovation


Definition and implementation, in collaboration with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region and the MUR, of an organisational model of Innovation Enablers


Development of a regional Patent and Competitive Intelligence hub through strengthening of collaborations between the Area Science Park PatLib Centre and SiS Partners for research, analysis and strategic management of technical and scientific information and patents to support technological-transfer activity, with particular focus on protection, management and promotion of Intellectual Property.

More specifically, the intention is to establish channels and methods of interaction making it possible to support System Partners, both structurally and on demand, with the performance of studies and analyses aimed at identifying the applications potential of the results of research, with purposes all along the chain of processes for technological transfer, from protection of new discoveries to their commercialisation.


Area Science Park

Starting date: 


Expected duration: 



SiS FVG 2021/2022/2023 Funds (partially covering operating costs, personnel and database, of the Area Science Park PatLib Centre)

Expected result: 
  • Development of an organisational model enabling systematization at the regional level of expertise and resources dedicated to promoting research
  • Identification of applications and industrial potential of results of research through studies and analyses into the relevant technological and patent scenario
  • Support for definition of strategies to protect Intellectual Property in terms of the results of research and evaluation of possibilities for extension, maintenance and continuation of industrial property rights
  • Identification of directions for development of innovations also through selection of potential industrial partners to involve in utilisation and commercialisation of the results of research.
Result indicators: 

The first year of the programme (December 2021–April 2022) was dedicated to planning of the system supporting activities for protection, management and promotion of Intellectual Property performed by SiS FVG Partners

  • Number of agreements with SiS FVG Partners (at least 4 in the first year)
  • Number of awareness-raising actions (at least one per year from the second year)
  • Number of one-to-one meetings (virtual or in person) with representatives of the technological-transfer functions and/or “inventors” to examine discoveries to be protected (at least 15 per year from the second year)
  • Number of reports (prior art, technological and market scenarios, patent landscape, preliminary and patentability assessments) aimed at defining the applications potential of results of research (at least 10 per year from the second year)