Rationalisation of the regional structures that operate in the promotion of research, technology transfer and the development of innovation


Definition and implementation, in collaboration with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region and the MIUR, of an organisational model of Innovation Enablers


The project “FVG Innovation System 2021–2022”, finalised pursuant to Italian Regional Law 27/2014, Art. 7, sections 16–29, is divided into four work packages, with the goal of contributing to the growth of the local economic system, following on from the objectives of the ARGO System managed by Area Science Park

WP1 IP4FVG Hubs coordination and system activity: this includes general activities for operational coordination and monitoring of project activities and support for IP4FVG Hubs, particularly to facilitate access for companies and promotion of their technological offer 

WP2 IP4FVG Digital manufacturing: this includes activity to support digital innovation of company processes, assessment of the degree of digital maturity of companies and promotion of digital-transformation projects

WP3 Additive Manufacturing and Digital Fabrication centres of excellence: this includes activity for technological transfer and development of new business models linked to additive manufacturing and digital fabrication, considered to be strategic and enabling technology for development of the regional manufacturing sector

WP4 Smart Mountain centre of excellence: includes activity aimed at triggering revitalisation of the social and business fabric in the mountain region, both in terms of technological innovation and innovation of business models, supporting the transition from an unattractive and marginal area subject to depopulation to a centre that attracts talent and national and international key players to investigation of technology, solutions and business models capable of resolving typical problems of the area.


BIC Incubatori FVG srl, Friuli Innovazione Centro di Ricerca e di Trasferimento Tecnologico Scarl, Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico “Andrea Galvani” Spca

Starting date: 


Expected duration: 



BIC Incubatori FVG srl: € 200.000,00 Friuli Innovazione Centro di Ricerca e di Trasferimento Tecnologico Scarl: €1.020.000,00 Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico ‘Andrea Galvani’ Spca: € 780.000,00

Expected result: 

WP1 IP4FVG Hubs coordination and system activity
•    Control of progress of project activity and corresponding reporting to the IP4FVG Steering Committee
•    Preparation of operational documentation (workplan, periodic SAL documents) 
•    Support for activity of IP4FVG Hubs

WP2 IP4FVG digital manufacturing
•    Support for digital innovation of company processes
•    Evaluation of degree of digital maturity (Digital Assessment)
•    Support for digital-transformation projects (Digital worksites)
•    Development of the supply chain event management (SCEM) planning initiative

WP3 Additive Manufacturing and Digital Fabrication centres of excellence
•    Launch of pathways for the discovery of new technologies and their applications
•    technological audits and specialist investigation for the development of technological and strategic innovation pathways

WP4 Smart Mountain centre of excellence
•    Sustainable management of environmental assets
•    Experimental initiatives for advanced digital technology
•    Smart production and consumption of renewable energy
•    Remote monitoring for disadvantaged groups
•    Overcoming the digital divide

Result indicators: 

WP1 IP4FVG Hubs coordination and system activity
Final report on support activity performed for access to Hubs and their promotion

WP2 IP4FVG digital manufacturing
•    Number of assessments
•    Number of digital worksites

WP3 Additive Manufacturing and Digital Fabrication centres of excellence
•    Number of laboratory open days
•    Company technological audits
•    Number of worksites

WP4 Smart Mountain centre of excellence
•    Number of working groups/company audits with public/private stakeholders and companies, start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs
•    Number of pilot initiatives defined at project level and launched

Indicators of realization: 


  • 50 reports on "industria 4.0" test and on "modello Fari IP4FVG" roadmap
  • 45 final reports on "Digital work site"


  • 4 Lab Open Days 
  • 16 Enterprise technological audits 
  • 10 Work sites


  • 31 working groups/audits with public and private stakeholders, startup and future entrepreneurs
  • 2 pilot actions under going