Creation of a “Scientific network of excellence” in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region among universities, public research bodies and international research bodies to reinforce the capacity for action, attractiveness and competitiveness at a national and international level of the institutions


Support for the development of international agreements, cooperation agreements and projects in the sectors of research and innovation, which involve the institutions belonging to the scientific network of excellence, first of all inside the strategy areas of the European Union for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) and of the European Union Strategy for the Adriatic - Ionian Region (EUSAIR)


As set out in Art. 8 § 57 of Regional Law 25/2016 (Regional Stability Law for 2017), in 2017 the Regional Authority joined the “Ambient Assisted Living  Association” (AALA). Therefore, it participates in the activities of the Research and Development Programme in support of an active and independent life (AAL Programme) of the European Commission.
In particular, from 2018 the Regional Authority helps managing the calls set out in the Programme, with specific reference to the applicants and beneficiaries from its territory, participating in the governance of the Programme based on its scope of action. 
The objective is to support collaborative research, development and innovation initiatives for active and healthy ageing which should be designed to be market-oriented, transnational and multidisciplinary as well as based on ICT (Information and Communication Technology). The aim is to work in the application fields of the Programme with a focus on specific markets.
Specifically, the 2019 Call was centred around “Sustainable Smart Solutions for Ageing well”, whereas the 2020 Call will be published on 3rd February 2020 (with a deadline fixed on 22nd May 2020) and will concern “Healthy ageing with the support of digital solutions”. 
The calls are open to the participation of regional entities with a dedicated regional budget of € 200,000.00 per annum, to which the EU co-funding will be added.The Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Authority will finance both types of projects as per the call: standard collaboration projects and small collaborative projects with a smaller budget, a shorter duration and a preliminary character. The beneficiaries include universities, research bodies, local enterprises. End users may participate in the projects at their own expense.
The Regional Authority joined the Association with a view to make a contribution to the promotion of the internationalisation of the scientific system and of the regional innovation, and to facilitate the access to European funding opportunities, with special regard to the development strategy devoted to the Active Assisted Living (AAL) included in the “Smart Health” specialisation area of the Regional S3.


Regional Authority

Starting date: 

2019 (second yer)

Expected duration: 


  • € 5,000 annual membership fee
  • € 400,000 regional budget for the 2019 and 2020 Call (€ 200,000 per year). In case of regional beneficiaries more funding will be available.
Expected result: 

Participation of regional bodies in AAL Programme' Calls

Result indicators: 




Indicators of realization: 

Participation of the Region in the AAL Programme as a National Funding Authority (NFA)