Creation of a “Scientific network of excellence” in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region among universities, public research bodies and international research bodies


Creation of a “Scientific network of excellence” in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region among universities, public research bodies and international research bodies to reinforce the capacity for action, attractiveness and competitiveness at a national and international level of the institutions


Consolidation of partnerships and initiatives of international cooperation to benefit the SiS FVG with the support of the appropriate offices of the MAECI and the networks of scientific experts located across the territory


It is a platform of knowledge and expertise on the “Blue Economy,” hosted by OGS and aimed at promoting a sustainable economic development and a responsible blue growth in the area of the Mediterranean Sea and of the Black Sea, in line with the EU strategy. 

The Platform aims to:

  • promote an advanced summer training school in Trieste to provide courses once a year in cooperation with SiS FVG institutions (Summer School in Sustainable Blue Growth) involving researchers, innovators, scientists and managers of Institutions, Universities and Research Centres from the countries of the Mediterranean and Black Sea area; From 2017 to 2019 140 participants from the countries of the Mediterranean and Black Sea area have been trained.
  • promote an advanced international Master on Blue Economy with the University of Trieste and other SiS FVG partners, thus contributing to the creation of new professional figures and more job opportunities in the Blue sector;
  • collaborate within international exchange programmes enhancing the atractiveness of the institution, of SiS FVG and the Country system
  • develop training and mobility activities to encourage the strengthening of the abilities of the Blue Growth sectors by working together in the framework of international projects. In particular, the DEEP BLUE project coordinated by OGS in cooperation with partners from Tunisia and Spain (University of Sfax, Polytechnic University of Madrid and Advanced Institute of Fishery and Aquaculture Technologies);
  • promote international cooperation among Mediterranean and Black Sea countries through the exchange of knowledge, education, entrepreneurship and employability.

In addition, within the Blue Economy platform, the Blue Skills project was granted a label by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) on the 28th March 2019 and was chosen as a flagship project on the 29th October 2019 in the framework of the UfM Med4Jobs initiative.


National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics - OGS

Starting date: 


Expected duration: 

Multiannual (2019-2020)


€ 200,000 (MIUR and funds from the Institute)

Expected result: 

The OGS Initiative on Blue Growth is strongly supported by the 5+5 Dialogue Countries, coordinated by Italy, to promote advanced education, innovation, international mobility and access to the research infrastructures for a sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors and with the goal of creating new jobs and increase products and services offered by the Italian industry, especially in this region, in the marine and maritime sector.

Indicators of realization: 

6th Summer School (17 - 28 June 2019):

The school saw the participation of 36 students including researchers, young professionals and new graduates. 27 students were entirely funded by study grants. 23 Mediterranean countries involved.

2nd Master’s degree course (18 March 2019 - 26 February 2020) “Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Growth” (60 university credits), in cooperation with the University of Trieste. Participation of 15 students (8 from the Med area and 1 from the Atlantic area); 15 students on scholarship; involvement of 40 lecturers and researchers for teaching activities; involvement of about 10 leading companies operating in the field of the blue economy.

Advanced Training Course “Sea governance and blue growth: balancing sustainable use and conservation through Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in the field of fisheries and aquaculture”, which took place in Trieste (23 - 27 September 2019) with the participation of 18 professionals from public and private sectors of blue economy in the Med area.

Training Course for Experts “Advanced Scientific Knowledge of the Marine Environment”, organised in cooperation with the University of Sfax, which took place in Sfax (Tunisia) (21 - 26 October 2019)  
29 participants including researchers, professors and experts in the field of Marine Sciences Marine.

4th Inter-Ministerial Conference of the 5+5 Dialogue Cooperation Forum in Rome (10 June 2019) 
Signature of the Rome Declaration, in which 10 ministers of Education, University and Scientific Research of the 5+5 Dialogue member countries renewed their political support to the initiatives to promote cooperation through scientific research and education.

Summer School in Sustainable Blue Economy in the Euro-Mediterranean Region – 7th year (June 2020). Target 30/35 participants.

Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Growth – 3rd year, in cooperation with the University of Trieste (January - December 2020).

International Mobility/Job Shadowing Programme as envisaged by the Deep Blue project, in cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Madrid (first half of 2020). Target: 30 scholarships to encourage north-south, south-north exchange as well as north-north and south-south exchange.

Study Visit in Trieste for ESOF 2020, organised in the field of the Deep Blue project (July 2020). Expected target: 20 Senior Officials representing the countries participating in the Western Mediterranean Forum.

Advanced Training for Trainers on Technologies for fisheries and Aquaculture, organised in cooperation with Higher Institute of Fishing Technologies and Aquaculture (September 2020).