Promotion and services for the internationalisation of centres in Friuli Venezia Giulia


Promotion of SiS FVG through suitable means of communication


In view of the next important international scientific events to be held in Friuli Venezia Giulia (such as ESOF 2020 and EUPRIO 2020), in coordination with appointed offices of the Regional Authority, products will be designed and developed with the aim of promoting not only SiS FVG but also each of its partners. Specifically, the output will include the following:

  • MS PowerPoint Presentation of SiS FVG (IT/EN): to be used at national and international events, meetings with project partners, especially foreign ones, etc
  • Video material: 1 general video illustrating the System (about 3 min.) And 18 videos focusing on individual network partners (about 1 min. each)

These products will be made available to all the system bodies, so that they can use them, together with the portal, as tools for promoting their organisation and the scientific context in which they operate in the region.
In 2020, the following will also be carried out:

  • the SiS FVG Annual Conference to present the 2019-20 SiS FVG operational programming (first half of 2020)
  • the presentation of the SiS FVG web portal (www.sisfvg.it) as a case study at the 2020 Conference of the EUPRIO network - the European Association of Communication Professionals in Higher   Education, which has members in 21 countries. The event will be held in Trieste from 30 August 2020 to 2 September 2020

The content (news, events, etc.) of the web portal is constantly updated and the related monthly newsletter is sent out regularly.


Science Park Area (in collaboration with the FVG Autonomous Region - Higher Training and Research Department and Regione Cronache Agency, SiS FVG bodies and SISSA Medialab)

Starting date: 


Expected duration: 



2019/2020 SiS FVG financing

Expected result: 

Strengthen the promotion of SiS FVG among different types of audiences

Indicators of realization: 


  • Production of 1 MS PowerPoint presentation related to SIS FVG (IT/EN) by December 2019 


  • Production of 1 dedicated video on SiS FVG (first half of 2020)
  • Creation of 18 videos, each of which will be devoted to one SiS FVG partner (first half of 2020)
  • Organisation of the SiS FVG Conference (first half of 2020)
  • Presentation of the SiS FVG web portal at EUPRIO 2020 (second half of 2020)