Friuli Innovazione Research and Technology Transfer Centre was set up in 1999 by the University of Udine, the Udine Industrial Association, the Fiat Research Centre, Agemont, the Pordenone Industrial Association and the CRUP Foundation. Later, other local partners granted their support, by endorsing and developing a shared strategy and objectives in innovation and technology transfer. In 2004 the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region made a major contribution to the initiative by appointing Friuli Innovazione to launch and manage the "Luigi Danieli" Science and Technology Park in Udine. The ideal space for turning ideas into projects and research into products.

Set at the centre of Europe, in the heart of a region with a vocation for innovation and integration, in the ZIU (Zona Industriale Udinese) industrial area, only a few minutes from the European motorway network and within easy reach of several international airports, the Park hosts laboratories and companies headquarters.

The services offered are:

  • Technology transfer: to promote collaboration between enterprises and the scientific and technological research network
  • Enterprise funding: to inform, educate and support enterprises and researchers to identify the most appropriate finance instruments and key operating stages, search for partners and verify the eligibility for European or Italian funds
  • Enterprise development: to support and assist the creation of high-technology enterprises by means of the Techno Seed incubator
  • Hosting: to offer space equipped with facilities and infrastructures to develop science and technology research projects and innovative businesses
22 Technical administrative staff
Other facts and figures: 

Project Funding (2016-2019): € 2.847.925

N° EU Projects (2016-2019): 19

  • H2020: 5
  • Other International Projects: 2 (Erasmus +,  AMIF-2017-AG-INTE)
  • International Cooperation: 12 (Cooperazione Territoriale Europea: IT-SLO, IT-HR, IT-AT, Europa Centrale, Interreg Europe, IPA Adriatico)


Research Outputs: 

N° of startups : 13

N° of scientific meetings&public events (2019):

  • 19 training courses
  • 59 istitutional events
  • 75 seminars and conferences

Square metres and headquarters/branch offices: 80.000 Sqm; headquarters at the "Luigi Danieli" Science and Technology Park in Udine

N° of Tenants (31.12.2019): 43 enterprises and startup

Research Infrastructures/Laboratories: 3, Applied Genomics Institute (IGA); Laboratory of Advanced Materials; Laboratory Additive FVG;  Meeting and conference rooms

Information for international researchers and students: 

Friuli Innovazione is partner of Welcome Office FVG

International Partnerships: 

In the period 2004-2018, Friuli Innovazione has been involved in 39 European projects:

  • on business startup and technology transfer topics
  • with 247 partners (research institutions, public administration, industry) from 27 European countries
  • with about 38 million € overall funding
Contacts and Social Media/Network: 

President ing. Daniele Cozzi
Chief executive officer dott. Filippo Bianco

Friuli Innovazione Research and Technology Transfer Centre

c/o “Luigi Danieli” Science and Technology Park in Udine

Via Jacopo Linussio 51 - 33100 Udine

Phone +39 0432 629 911


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