Conservatory of Music “Giuseppe Tartini” was founded in 1903. It is one of Italy’s longest serving conservatories, and it is one of the leading conservatories in Europe. Tartini has 650 students, of which almost 40% registered in higher education courses, 90 full-time professors, and more than 15 adjunct professors. Tartini also issues first-cycle (bachelors) and second-cycle (master) degrees.

In compliance with European standards, the Conservatory implements a credits system consistent with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) designed for the maximum recognition of work done by its students.

397 students, 69 professors, 26 administrative staff
Other facts and figures: 

Project Funding (2017-2020): € 958.998,00

 N° di progetti europei (2017-2020): 1 Erasmus

Research results 

Events (2020): 4


N° of Laboratories: 4

N° of Libraries/ study rooms: 1 library, 49 study rooms

N° of conference rooms: 2


Fellowships, PhD Courses, Master, Summer School, etc.: 

Conservatory of Music “Giuseppe Tartini” is part of the network “Trieste città della conoscenza” including Trieste University, Sissa research centre, ICTP Scienza centre and more, and has signed agreement with Udine University and many other European University or Academies ( see below).

The Conservatory is activating an Annual Master Course regarding “Interpretation :Theory and Practice” shared with Trieste University, and is defining a similar Annual Master Course in cooperation with Udine University, and is always focused in the implementation of second and third level courses.

Information for international researchers and students: 
International Partnerships: 

Conservatory of Music “Giuseppe Tartini” has promoted each year a vast international exchange program for students and teachers. In 2008 Tartini was the Italian Conservatory with the highest Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) mobility numbers, to and from other countries. To date, 50 bilateral agreements are active with as many European institutions of advanced musical training.

Moreover, the Conservatory has been the leading partner in the creation of CEMAN - Central European Music Academies Network, an European network focused in the promotion of international cooperation in the field of music, including all the Music Academies belonging to the Central European Initiative, involving in shared projects and initiative regarding didactical aspects and joint production of international events.

The Conservatory is member of the “Association Européenne des Conservatoires”.

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Conservatory of Music "Giuseppe Tartini" of Trieste
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Director: prof. Roberto Turrin

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