Promotion and services for the internationalisation of the centres present in Friuli Venezia Giulia


Reinforcement of the services for internationalisation offered by the Welcome Office FVG in collaboration with the services of internationalisation of the universities and regional research offices;
Enhancement of the links of the Welcome Office FVG with the appropriate offices of the MAECI dedicated to migratory policies and  entry procedures for foreigners, also through the creation of workshops and dedicated working groups with officials and national and European experts;  
Creation of thematic forums and study groups with the MIUR and the MAECI.

  • Preparation of 1 annual planning document shared by the Partnership and semestral monitoring of the Network activities
  • Strengthening of the consultancy services addressed to students and researchers and constant updating of the pre-arrival information provided by the regional web portal Welcome Office FVG (www.welcomeoffice.fvg.it/)
  • Planning of restricted meetings of the Welcome Office FVG with Public Administration on topics of interest (for example, entry regulations for foreign students and researchers)

Area Science Park in collaboration with University of Udine (which manages the Welcome Office Udine)

Starting date: 


Expected duration: 



2019/2020 SiS FVG funding

Expected result: 
  • Strengthen the collaboration and the interaction among the Institutions of the Network to foster the international attractiveness of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region
  • Consolidate the relationship among the Welcome Office FVG, the regional scientific and academic institutions and the PA, as well as strengthening the role of the Welcome Office FVG as the interface between the parties
  • Reinforcing the competences of the staff of the SiS FVG Institutions in relation to the procedures for the arrival of students and researches to Italy
  • Sensitising the scientific community and the scientific and academic institutions on policies and actions - promoted at European level - to improve working conditions and promote the international and intersectoral mobility of researchers
  • Supporting the development of the researchers’ career
  • Optimising the useful information available on the web portal to facilitate the arrival to the region of students, researchers and their families
Indicators of realization: 

In 2019:

  • 2 workshop on scientific entrepreneurship (Trieste, April, 3rd, October 23rd )
  • Presentation of the Welcome Office FVG initiative at the italian chapter of the Marie Curie Alumni Association (Milano, October, 15th)
  • Updating of the the web portal www.welcomeofficefvg.it  and of the To-Do List tool
  • Collaboration with the immigration offices at Questura, Prefettura, RAFVG and with MAECI Visa center, annual meeting with the Network (Trieste, December 11th)
  • New Charter of Services (by december)

In 2020:

  • Workshops for students and phd's on scientific entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration with Marie Curie Alumni Association Network
  • Collaboration with PromoTurismoFVG and Welcome Office Trieste presence in the city center