Technical and scientific communication and diffusion of innovation


Creation of communication initiatives on themes of regional interest to bring science to the wider public and to satisfy the demand for innovation of private companies (also through the participation of speakers of national and European importance)


Over the course of 2019, in the framework of the organisation of ESOF 2020, scheduled to take place in Trieste from 2 to 6 September 2020, and specifically to best define its scientific programme, the various committees established for the implementation of the initiative will meet in the “Sottostazione Elettrica” headquarters. In particular, they are the Steering Committee (SC), the Science Programme Committee (PC) and the International Media and Marketing Committee (IMMC).

The cooperation of MAECI, through its offices and Diplomatic Corps abroad, will make it possible to introduce ESOF at prominent research and innovation centres and identify the countries in which the presentations should primarily be made. Meetings aimed at finding possible sponsors will be organised as well.
In order to involve Balkan countries more closely and create a network of connections useful to have European countries submit their scientific projects, diplomatic meetings are planned at the national level (at the MIUR and MAE offices) as well as at European Union institutions, whereas contacts are being established with representatives of scientific entities and academies.

ESOF 2020 will be preceded and complemented by several events to be held in the city, which will thus create a great festival of science. The pro-ESOF activity has generated ideas and relationships that will become indispensable in the planning and implementation of the City Festival.
The first step saw the implementation of a bottom-up strategy. Through the pro-ESOF call for submissions, but also thanks to direct contacts with the main players in the cultural and scientific fields of the city, ideas for the festival were collected. The year 2019 will see the scheduling of events with a greater scope. In particular, the main pillars will be defined in more detail (including the financial terms) and it will be possible to include proposals for smaller events (stage performances, teaching laboratories, etc.) until the end of the year.

The ESOF event will be accompanied by the “Science in the City Festival”, which will be held in Trieste prior to the event itself. 


FIT - Trieste International Foundation for the Progress and Freedom of Science, in collaboration with the Regional Authority and the Stakeholders of the SiS FVG, MIUR and MAECI

Starting date: 


Expected duration: 

Multiannual (2019-2020)


€ 750.000,00 (regional funding)

Expected result: 
  • Increase the international visibility of the regional scientific system
  • Reinforce the role of Trieste as a hub of a network of research centres at the national and international level
  • Increase SiS FVG scientific network towards the central-east Europe countries
Indicators of realization: 
  • ESOF2020: 5000 expected participants, more than 1000 researchers and PhD, around 200 workshops and plenary sections,  more than 20 collateral events, B2B meeting; around 40.000 visitors expcted during the ESOF - 3 weeks programme
  • ESOF 2020 has been postponed on September, 2-6 . Science in the city Festival will be postponed too