Creation of a “Scientific network of excellence” in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region among universities, public research bodies and international research bodies to reinforce the capacity for action, attractiveness and competitiveness at a national and international level of the institutions


Creation and enhancement of integrated research infrastructures, to reinforce the capacity for action of the scientific institutions and to optimise the use of the infrastructures themselves, making them available also to private companies, and creation of shared services for research or the coordination of existing services


Open Lab” is a project presented by Area Science Park falling into the bonus quota of the Ordinary Fund for the financing of research bodies and institutes (FOE) 2012 (Open Lab Support Structure). It aims to promote industrial research, by integrating and upgrading the Large Laboratories of the Area Science Park Campus (the Elettra Sincrotrone light source, the Fermi free electron laser and the nanoscience and nanotechnology labs of the Istituto Officina dei Materiali - CNR) in an open infrastructure devised to support enterprises in their R&D activities, putting at their disposal a system of competences and facilities devoted to the application of imaging techniques, structural analysis and chemical characterisation. 
The Project is to be implemented with an “Open Lab” format, a new approach to favour the presence of open research environments shared with different subjects, with a special focus on public-private collaborations. “Open Lab” is currently implemented by the following initiatives:
- “Open Lab - A System of Open Research Facilities” (project proposal presented pursuant to Ministerial Decree - MIUR no. 615 of 04/08/2016), which provides for the upgrading of the equipment devoted to the research in structural biology and its applications, reinforcing, with a complementary and multidisciplinary approach, the links and interactions among competences and research facilities existing at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, Istituto Officina dei Materiali (IOM) and Istituto di Cristallografia (IC) of the CNR;
- Creation of Technological Platforms (see also “ARGO System” table).


Area Science Park, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and CNR (IOM and IC)

Starting date: 

Open Lab - A System of Open Research Facilities: first 2018 semester to implement the Open Lab Support Structure (launched in November 2014).

Expected duration: 

Multiannual (2018-2020)


 € 1,200,000

Expected result: 
  • Enhancement of the offer of the Large Laboratories of Area Science Park.
  • Enlargement of the offer of competences and equipment through the creation of a network of “open” laboratories on the national territory.
  • Development of an organisational scheme allowing for the access to the Network labs, favouring and balancing the interaction among different scientific disciplines and communities, as well as among public and private bodies.
Indicators of realization: 

- Number of labs participating in the network: at least 5;
- Number of research projects/commissions with industrial users: at least 25.