Rationalisation of the regional structures that operate in the promotion of research, technology transfer and the development of innovation


Definition and implementation, in collaboration with the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and the MIUR, of an organisational model of Innovation Enablers


The multiyear Project, funded pursuant to Regional Law no. 27/2014, art. 14, paragraphs 16 and following, has the main objective of promoting and supporting the competitiveness of the regional productive system based on innovation, through actions implemented within a cooperation among the regional Scientific and Technological Parks and BIC Incubatori FVG Srl and with a connection to the other players working on the support to enterprises (industrial associations, districts, clusters and other stakeholders), mainly at the service of companies (Open Innovation System FVG).

The Project aims to support innovation processes through: technical assistance contacts with enterprises; assistance and planning interventions; support in the presentation of research and innovation projects.


Area Science Park, Friuli Innovazione, Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone, Innova FVG Consortium and BIC Incubatori FVG Srl

Starting date: 


Expected duration: 



€ 900.000 (for 2019)

Expected result: 

Based on the needs and the innovation ideas gathered, the Project aims to favour a qualitative improvement of the innovation produced by the regional enterprises through activities intended to support the reduction of the risk related to the launch of projects and investments for innovative products and processes, with a special focus on small companies within the productive fabric.

Indicators of realization: 

The annual indicators foresee:

  • Finalized project ideas: 170
  • Technical assistance and planning interventions: 235
  • Enterprises supported with technical assistance (on an annual basis): 145

Monitoring I semester (August 2019) 

–    100%  project ideas' target 
–    60% Technical assistance and planning interventions' target
–    60% supported enterprises ' target