Creation of a “Scientific network of excellence” in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region among universities, public research bodies and international research bodies to reinforce the capacity for action, attractiveness and competitiveness at a national and international level of the institutions


Creation and enhancement of integrated research infrastructures, to reinforce the capacity for action of the scientific institutions and to optimise the use of the infrastructures themselves, making them available also to private companies, and creation of shared services for research or the coordination of existing services


Within the actions funded by Regional Law 2/2011 (Funding of the regional university system) relating to research facilities, the Plan includes the enhancement of the High Performance Computing - HPC infrastructure, in order to support and reinforce the primacy achieved by SISSA in the field of HPC. The extension of the benefits to the regional university system requires the availability of appropriate computing resources. The “Ulysses” computer currently used by SISSA is now reaching the end of its three-year technological cycle and therefore requires an upgrade.
By adding two cabinets of computing nodes, the new-generation technology makes it possible to achieve a two-fold increase in the computing power versus the current cluster. The addition of said cabinets also requires an upgrade of the cooling capacity and of the interconnecting networks.
This measure is included in the “2016-2018 three-year Programme” relating to the funding of the regional university system pursuant to Regional Law 2/2011.


SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies (managing body), University of Trieste and University of Udine  

Starting date: 

Starting from 2016

Expected duration: 



€ 1,000,000

Expected result: 

Enhancement of the regional resources in terms of integrated research infrastructures, with a related increase in the potential for research and attractiveness of the regional academic and scientific system and promotion of the transfer of knowledge at the applicative and industrial level

Indicators of realization: 

Inauguration of the Ulysses infrastructure by the end of 2018