Rationalisation of regional bodies operating in the enhancement of research, technology transfer and innovation development


Definition and implementation, in collaboration with the Region and the MIUR, of an organisational model of Innovation Enablers


Develop generation and growth processes for new innovative business initiatives, through a public-private partnership aimed at networking the advanced technology, digitalisation and advanced training assets existing in the reference territories, by attracting investments and enhancing talents as well as regional, national and international entrepreneurial and scientific entities of excellence.

There will be three lines of intervention:
a) THINK TANK: spreading entrepreneurial culture based on technology and business models capable of enhancing scientific, technological and entrepreneurial talents as well as building trust in the reference markets, through the transfer of skills to new entrepreneurs, managers of the public and private sector, institutional bodies and stakeholders, especially in the enabling technology field;
b) NETWORK OF INCUBATORS: aggregation of the regional incubators in a single business generation model to accompany the economic growth process aimed at developing the entrepreneurial fabric through the generation of innovative start-ups with strong technological qualification and specialisation;
c) INTERNATIONALISATION AND NETWORKING: providing start-ups, innovative companies and technological talents with opportunities for visibility, sharing and growth, both nationally and internationally, by facilitating the adoption of technology and bringing Italian companies closer to the main global players in the field of technology.


Institutional promoters:

  • Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region
  • Scientific and Technological Research Centre of Trieste - Area Science Park

The Foundation will be open to the participation by public and private founders and members.


Starting date: 

Early 2020

Expected duration: 

The Foundation will be established without limitation of duration


The amount of the Foundation's endowment fund will never be less than €300,000.00, plus the management fund for the FVG region

Below is the specification of the funds planned:

Regional funds:
Endowment fund: €150,000.00; 
Management fund: €850,000.00 (for 2020). 

Area funds
Endowment fund: €150,000.00; 
Management fund: €850,000.00 (for 2020). 

Expected result: 

Enhancement of entrepreneurial skills and research results in the reference territories, with particular focus on ICT and digital transformation, life sciences and creative-cultural industries

Indicators of realization: 
  • Launch of the Think Tank activities and organisation of the first public events for the dissemination of results
  • Affiliation of the partners (starting from the incubators of the regional territory); definition and launch of startup support programmes, with a focus on strategic sectors (ICT and digital technology, life sciences and creative-cultural industries)
  • Selection of technological talents; mentoring and coaching activities; organisation of the first missions