Rationalisation of the regional structures that operate in the promotion of research, technology transfer and the development of innovation


Definition and implementation, in collaboration with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region and the MIUR, of an organisational model of Innovation Enablers


The “ARGO project” was established with a view to create an economic development model at the regional level that can be replicated in other contexts at the national and international level, based on process and product innovation through the interaction of research and industry, able to generate increases in the productivity of the entire economic system. 
As it is an integrated project, it was shared at the national level through a memorandum of understanding signed by the Regional Authority, the Ministry of Education, University and Research, and the Ministry of Economic Development. Area Science Park was identified as the national public body which is going to benefit directly from the national and regional resources. The Project involves subjects participating in the research, technological transfer and innovation system of the region. Area acts as a technical and managing partner which is in charge of the implementation of the Project.

ARGO implements a model which is divided into 4 assets with the following objectives:

  1. Asset "Industrial Innovation Harbor" Asset" (IIH). IIH has the objective of designing and testing an innovative industrial hub model, capable of attracting investments from national and foreign companies in the Trieste retro-port industrial area, benefiting from the synergies among the existing logistic infrastructures, the advantages offered by the regime of Punto Franco of Trieste and the local research institutions;
  2. Asset “High Impact Net” (HIN). HIN aims to develop a unique model for regional incubators based on defined areas of specialization, organically inserted in a structure that sees Friuli Venezia Giulia in a role of hub for the attraction and generation of innovative start-ups.
  3. Asset “Industry Platform 4 FVG” (IP4FVG). IP4FVG aims to create a territorial ecosystem to support digital transformation on a regional scale, able to guarantee FVG enterprises access to tools and services for orientation on the subject of digitalisation.
  4. Asset “Piattaforme Tecnologiche. The Asset contributes to the systemic impacts of the ARGO system by supporting research and industrial development, in particular by making optimal scientific and technological conditions available to public and private subjects to carry out innovation projects, experimental activities and services of excellence, thanks to the access to research laboratories characterized by units of scientific expertise and the availability of equipment and instrumentation that cannot be easily replicated.

Subjects subscribing the Memorandum of Understanding: Regional Authority, the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and the Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE).
Implementing body: Area Science Park.
The other Partners involved are the Subjects participating in the system of research, technological transfer and innovation of the regional territory.

Starting date: 


Expected duration: 



€ 8,800,000, of which € 4,000,000 by Regional Authority contribution, € 4,000,000 by MIUR contribution and € 800,000 by Area Science Park contribution

Expected result: 

The strategic objective is to build a structured system of private enterprises and public operators able to generate economic development, leveraging the assets of advanced technology, digitalisation and advanced education existing in the territories, in order to optimise resources and attract national and international investments in new strategic development projects.

Result indicators: 

Asset Industry Platform 4 FVG (IP4FVG): Cabina di Regia: costituita; 4 Nodi avviati: IoT (Amaro, UD); Data Analytics e AI (Udine); Adv. Manufacturing Solutions (Pordenone); Data Optimiz.&Simulation (Trieste). Avviato il processo di acquisti per la realizzazione dei Dimostratori.

Asset Industrial Innovation Harbour (IIH): Insediamento Java Biocolloid Europe Srl e avvio dell’Osservatorio sull’economia circolare.

Asset Piattaforme Tecnologiche: Implementazione della piattaforma di genomica ed epigenomica con l’aggiornamento dei modelli di governance e l’acquisto di nuova strumentazione dedicata.

Asset High Impact Net (HIN): In fase di definizione il piano di attività

Indicators of realization: 

Asset IIH:

  • definition of the selection and attraction of industrial investors' model

  • planning and launch of the one-stop shop for investments in the areas of CoSELAG competence

  • negotiations and definitions of investment dossier: at least 4

Asset HIN:

  • launch of a participation foundation whose mission is to develop processes for generating new innovative initiatives through a public-private partnership

  • launch and support of 12 start-ups per year

Asset Technological Platforms:

  • Number of public and private bodies participant to the Platforms: at least 10

  • Number of orders/research projects with public and private users: at least 25