Consorzio Innova FVG is a public institution wholly owned by Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region. It’s a not for profit research organization specifically devoted to foster mountain areas development. Its main objective is to promote the culture of innovation within the territorial, business and school system.

Consorzio Innova FVG carries out the following activities:

  • promoting and developing applied technology;
  • promoting the scientific and technical knowledge transfer in the context of specific projects;
  • managing the Technology Innovation Centre (CIT) located in Amaro (UD), qualified as a Science and Technology Park;
  • managing the FABLAB Innova FVG located in the branch office of Maniago (PN);
  • implementing development projects that involve companies, Research Centers, Universities and others bodies.

Consorzio Innova FVG takes part into the network of the Science and Technology Parks of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region with the aim of contributing to the diffusion of the innovation and technological knowhow coming from Universities and Research Centers. Together with the other three regional science and technology parks, it is partner of "Open Innovation System FVG" (OIS FVG), an initiative funded by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region aimed to support regional SMEs in developing their research and development projects. It is currently coordinating a regional technical working group in the field of forestry and-wood sector.

Other facts and figures: 

N° of EU Projects (2017-2020): 2 Interreg



  • Square metres and Headquarters/branch offices: 12.700 sqm; Headquarters c/o Centro di Innovazione Tecnologica (CIT) in Amaro (UD); branch office in Maniago (PN)
  • N° of Tenants in the Campus/Campuses (2020): 6
  • Research Infrastructures/Laboratories: Multimedia center; FABLAB Innova FVG (digital manufacturing laboratory), IMQ CLIMA (Laboratory for the certification of air conditioning and refrigeration products), MARMAX (prototyping laboratory), LABORATORIO BS (prototype for the automotive sector), INSIEL (server farm), LAB.MET (metallurgy laboratory)
  • Canteen / Coffe bar/ Guesthouse: 1 canteen and 1 guesthouse
  • N° of conference hall: 1
  • Other facilities: 1 videoconference room, 2 teaching classrooms
Fellowships, PhD Courses, Master, Summer School, etc.: 

Consorzio Innova FVG is a member of “Polo Tecnico professionale Economia della Montagna” which puts in system various subjects such as technical and / or professional institutes, subjects that deal with vocational training, enterprises, representative subjects of companies referring to the reference area.

The areas covered by the training and system activities are: forest-wood, furniture system, energy and environmental sustainability, wood building and mountain tourism.

Branch Offices (Regional, National, International): 

Local office: Via Venezia 27 - 33085 Maniago (PN)

International Partnerships: 

Consorzio Innova FVG has a considerable experience in managing and coordinating regional and transnational projects that involve mainly companies with the specific objective to enhance their competitiveness.

In the framework of "Interreg Italia-Austria 2014-2020" it is Project Partner of the "ICAP" project that aims at promoting the plasma technologies as a new opportunities for enterprises to improve their products acting on the features of surfaces with hi-tech and eco-compatible processes.

In the framework of "Interreg Italy-Austria 2014-2020" it is Project Partner of the "WinHealth" project, that aims to develop new winter offers related to health tourism,  scientifically founded.

Consorzio Innova FVG was Lead Partner of "Desire" Project within "Interreg Italia-Austria 2007-2013". The Project aimed to increase the competitiveness of SMEs by placing them in the conditions of making design products in line with current and future market expectations, both in formal terms and in aesthetics of colors, materials and finishes.

Consorzio Innova FVG coordinates "Nanonet.exe", an international network of public and private competence centers in nanotechnologies applied to materials and surface treatments.

Contacts and Social Media/Network: 

Sole Director: dott. Ruggero Baggio

Consorzio Innova FVG

Head office: Via Jacopo Linussio 1 - 33020 Amaro (UD) – Italy

tel. +39 0433 486111 - fax +39 0433 486500

Local office: Via Venezia 27 - 33085 Maniago (PN) – Italy

tel. +39 0427 72638

e-mail: - PEC: